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Joe cronin

Artist, philosopher, poet, professor

Hello and Welcome to Kybalion Art!

Here, you will find my latest artworks, along with some occasional poetry, and philosophical reflections upon the nature of being.  I am a trained professional philosopher and have taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels for over 30 years.  I began doing visual art in high school, and continued in college and graduate school.  I also have a love for aesthetics, metaphysics, and the history of ideas.  In addition, I write poetry and create photography/art/poetry books. 

The artworks here can be purchased for print or digital purposes.  These were created using several different photographic imaging techniques, platforms, virtual paint, real paint, and various software programs, representing years of travel, hiking, and playful work.  I cannot cite a single influence, but instead draw from the well of the history of art, the history of systems of thought, and various other forms of mimetic representation. Please enjoy the site and enjoy the images!

You may contact me below for further information, and I am always willing to engage in meaningful philosphical discourse! Peace, be well, and thanks for visiting this site.  Joe

Publications and other personal endeavors

Foucault's Antihumanist Historiography, Edward Mellen Press

Returning Questions, A Diological Instroduction to Philosophy, published with Otto Piechowski through University Press

Presents: The Gifts of Despair for Those Recovering from Inhumanity (Amazon Kindle)

The Flowers of the Virus (Amazon Kindle)

Showings and presentations


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